Platinum Collection

Our Platinum Collection is our new line of affordable dress hats, ready to creased in any style you would like. 100% Fur Felt hats that are hand processed the same way as any other of our high quality hats. Made with less labor and slightly flawed hat bodies that doesn't take away from the hats integrity at all. These amazing dress hats are perfect for suits or even your casual everyday wear. 

We have two different qualities of our Platinum Collection. The main difference between the two is the durability of the hat and the way that it feels. 

  • Silver - Rabbit Fur Felt Blend 
  • Platinum - Beaver Fur Felt Blend

How to order!

  • Choose Custom Open Crown Hat in your Size
  • Choose your Crown Style
  • Choose a Puggaree Hat Band 
  • Preferred Brim Length (2 3/4" Standard)
  • Add Binding (extra $30)

Contact us for any questions or concerns you may have. Contact info at the bottom of every page!