Platinum Hat

We are proud to introduce to you our brand new Platinum Hat Collection. This collection was started because we wanted to make dress hats that are more affordable for you guys. These are still the same high quality hats you love, made with less labor, no binding, and no ribbon. Less work for us and a more affordable hat for you guys!

We decided to start off with 2 different styles, the Smooth Jazz Fedora and the Rock n' Roll Pork Pie. Both these iconic styles are made with the same techniques and equipment used to produce any of our other handmade hats.

They will also come in 2 different hat qualities, Platinum and Silver editions. Both qualities are fur blends of Rabbit and Beaver. The Platinum edition is more Beaver heavy in the blend and is more durable than the Silver. The Silver edition is more Rabbit heavy in the blend and is not as durable as the Platinum. It's hard to notice the difference from a picture, but you can definitely feel the difference when you touch them.