Open Crown Collection

High quality, handmade fur felt hats that are half finished and ready to be shaped into any style you'd like. We'll take any of these uncreased, hand crafted hats and turn it into your favorite style hat! Customize your next hat in your favorite style!
We'll turn these awesome hats into Montanas/Gus hats, Cattleman hats, Buckaroo hats, Cavalry hats, or even replicate your favorite movie hat! Any style is possible, just let us know what you want. We'll shape the crown and the brim for you, or we can sell them as is!
These hats are ready to be shaped and shipped right to your door. Customize one of these half finished hats and make it YOURS!
Pick Your Size 
Then pick your Color and Style
Easy as that!
Contact us by phone or email for more info or questions.
We'll make sure your hat looks just the way you want.
 10x Rabbit $360
20x Beaver Blend $460
100x Pure Beaver $575