Crappy Cowboy Hats

These are new, antiqued fur felt hats, perfect for a rugged, old time working cowboy style. These hat bodies had flaws from the manufacturer and David would refuse to use them to make #1 quality hats here at DBarJ. The integrity of the hat body is not compromised and they would last you just as long as a #1 hat body would. Our #1 hat bodies will usually last around 10 - 30 years, but mostly depends on the care for the hat, and how it is maintained. We make these Crappy Cowboy Hats according to the bodies we receive, therefore we cannot make custom Crappy Cowboy Hats. Some hats come with a binding and others will feature raw edges. Each hat is a one of a kind and is unique in its distressed features. All hats made here a DbarJ are always made by hand, and with the quality to stand the test of time.